Your first visit to our dental practice in Shreveport Louisiana will begin with a personalized, one-on-one discussion that allows us to understand your dental history and your long-term dental goals and expectations. The more we understand about what you want with your dental care, the better we can serve you. This allows us to gain an appreciation for your unique set of circumstances and to create a treatment plan designed especially for you.

FoyerYour Comprehensive Evaluation also includes an oral cancer screening, periodontal evaluation, screening of how well your bite functions when your teeth fit together, and evaluation of your teeth and existing dental work. Digital radiographs and intraoral and digital photographs are taken to reveal details and to identify areas of decay, cracked teeth, and malfunctioning restorations not visible with a traditional, manual oral evaluation. A professional cleaning is also included in your evaluation.

Once we understand your concerns and your state of oral health, Shreveport Louisiana dentist Paul Heilman will design a treatment plan exclusively for you. Our goal is to create your dentistry so that your smile looks great, feels natural, and lasts.

After your first appointment, you will be invited back for a complimentary consultation to discuss the treatment plan that has been developed for you. This may be your most important appointment. During this time, we sit down with you to talk about your goals for your health and the financial aspect of your treatment. We encourage you to bring along any close friend or family member who helps you make those decisions.